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UGH74 hosted by Whitney Peyton [Early Bird Pre-Order]

$9.99 - $99.99

Image of UGH74 hosted by Whitney Peyton [Early Bird Pre-Order]

This is a SUPER EARLY PRE-ORDER. Currently there is no release date window.

Get your UGH reserved early and get your name in the insert, shout out from Whitney and Cartoon Avatar on the album cover! Just pick your favorite cartoon character, supply a photo of your self and include any distinguishing characteristics/direction and McNastee will do the rest!

Confirmed Tracks:
Neosha (feat. Big Hoodoo) - Henchmen
The Rust Belt (feat. Intrinzik) - The Art of Me
Jigster - L.W.H.R.
3rd Tripp (feat. Intrinzik & Boondox)
The H.O.F.

Names in Insert:
Alex Wallace
Adam Jones
Derek Smith
Frank Mckinney
Jessica Curtis
John Clark
Jonas Dieter
Spazii2 Tone
Timothy Ritter
Tyler Pickens