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Image of UGH71 hosted by KING ISO - EARLY BIRD PRE ORDER!

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Confirmed Tracks
1. Anybody Killa, The R.O.C., Intrinzik & Blackfoot505 - Start a Revolution [Pagan & Stir Crazy]
2. Jynx INC (feat. Anybody Killa & Intrinzik) - It All Went Crazy [Stir Crazy]
3. Blackfoot505 - Lose My Mind [Stir Crazy]
4. Skeptik (feat. Kutt Calhoun, Anybody Killa & Intrinzik) - Fatality [Stir Crazy]
5. 3rd Tripp (feat. G-Mo Skee) - From the Get Go [Stir Crazy]
6. Daygo Strange (feat. 3rd Tripp) - Ready for War [Stir Crazy]
7. 3rd Tripp (feat. Intrinzik) - Mushroom Cloud [Monoxide]
8. DieNasty the Mexican Thuggalo (feat. King ISO, TBMA & Graphic Grim) - Right Vs. Wrong [Stir Crazy]
9. Rigamortis (feat. Intrinzik) - Outer Space [Stir Crazy]
10. One Point Rizz, Atom John & Nos Insidious - Time is Money [Stir Crazy]
11. Atom John (feat. Intrinzik) - Made In China
12. Jynx INC - C2A (Call To Action) [Stir Crazy]
13. N3kr0t!k (feat. Anybody Killa, Swing Dee Diablo, Daniel Dahmer & Keagan Grimm) - Errybody Killas
14. J.D. "The Chief" (feat. Mista Marcus & Yo Dot) - Hakeem
15. VXNXM94 & Chi Emcees - Slums of Chi [Ruler Why]
16. VXNXM94 - Ill Boi - [Ruler Why]
17. Litvincent - Stay Blown [Ignacio Perez]
18. The H.O.F (feat. The Rap Kaiser & D3athpunk) - Awe Damn
19. Jigster - What You Smoking On?
20. King Torch feat HB Grizzly - Alpha Clique [Matisse Tsoy]
21. Keenchin (feat. KV Kemikill) - Mitten Mayhem
22. Sadiztik (feat. Lex the Hex Master) - We're Not Monsters (We're Something More) [Stir Crazy]
23. Tragik - Let it Burn
24. King ISO - Outro [Stir Crazy]

Names in Insert:
Alex Wallace
Carissa Soter
Cody Dopp
Cole Penning
Countretto Doh
Daniel Wilson
David Amos
Derek Smith
Frank McKinney
Jack Lope
Jonas Dieter
Kris Eastman
Kyle Wintersteen
Lucas Loth
Mason Bennett
Michael Gibbons
Montana Josh and Tashina
Mr. PaPerView
Randy Caton
Rob and Ryan Bayhi
Sunny~D Lo (Thuggalo)
Timothy Ritter
Tyshaun Jackson
Wayne Berry
Whisky Friday