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Image of UGH64 HOSTED BY G-Mo Skee (MNE)
  • Image of UGH64 HOSTED BY G-Mo Skee (MNE)
  • Image of UGH64 HOSTED BY G-Mo Skee (MNE)


Track List:
01. G-Mo Skee - Intro [prod. by Stir Crazy]*
02. DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo (feat. G-Mo Skee, Checkmait & McNastee) - Hell 2 Pay*
03. Skeptik (feat. Bonez Dubb, Baby Eazy-E & Hex Rated) - Denver 2 Compton*
04. Playz (feat. G-Mo Skee) - Different From the Rest
05. Grimey Wayz (feat. G-Mo Skee) - You Better Duck
06. J.D. "The Chief" (feat. G-Mo Skee) - We're Not the Same
07. DoeNut - Frog Vomit
08. Insane LOC - I'm Crazy
09. Amnesia (301 King) (feat. Lex The Hex Master) - Sour Patch Kids
10. Jynx INC - Conquest
11. Araknidd (feat. JaySin the Sin God) - Basement [prod. By Nobe Inf Gang]
12. G-Mo Skee - Smoke Break [prod. by Stir Crazy]*
13. A5k! (from the Ayé-Team) - GroundHogs Day [prod. By A5k! for Basement City]
14. Madd Illz (feat. A5k! from the Ayé-Team) - Ride [prod. by M.Too.D for Basement City]
15. Madd Illz (feat. A5k! from the Ayé-Team) - The Maniax [prod. by A5k! for Basement City]
16. The Ayé-Team - Guerillaism [prod. By A5k! for Basement City]
17. VXNXM94 - Filthy Animal [prod. by Ruler Why]
18. X-Plicit Generation - In the Mind
19. Jibba the Gent - Kumbaya
20. Krakct - Legacy
21. Morphiction - Dead Walking
22. Grimzik - I'm So High
23. G-Mo Skee - Shout Outs [prod. by Stir Crazy]*
24. Ground Zero (feat. Crowda) - Boogieman [prod by. Nobe Inf Gang]
25. Nos Insidious - 6ix Nay Chopper [UGH Mix]
26. Killa Cali Hu$tle (feat. G-Mo Skee) - Surprise Attack
27. Havoc Tha Clown - The Sun
28. Sadiztik - How I See It [prod. by Noctur]*
29. G-Mo Skee - Outro [prod. by Stir Crazy]*

*mixed by Intrinzik

Name in Insert:
12 Gage
Barbara Elliott
Bill Cannon
Brandon Turner
Brett Parise
Brian Talbert
Bryon Delgado
Caleb Walker
Carissa Pardee
Carissa Soter
Cody Dopp
David Amos
David Spalding
DJ Mad Hatter
Dustin Anderson
Eric Barnes
Eric Bessery
Frank McKinney
Gary Henry
Hesham Bakri
Ian Smith
Jamie Mathewson
Jason Daniels
Jason Gleason
Jay Callipare
Joe Padgett
Joey Future
Jonas Dieter
Josh Mathews
Kirsten Jany
Larry Boyles
Matt Gration
Mikayla Cooper
Mr. PaPerView
Nikki & Chuck Hunt
Patrick Giorgio
Peter Flockhart
Ryan Bayhi
Scott Mathewson
Shlevy D
Sid Jones
Simon Thomalla
Steve Robinson
Sugar Waffle
Tim "GHOST" Burland
Tyler Chandler
William W1CK3D Adams