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UGH50 Hosted By Blaze Ya Dead Homie (Purple Version) [Pre-Order]


Image of UGH50 Hosted By Blaze Ya Dead Homie (Purple Version) [Pre-Order]

Get your hands on the long out of print UGH50 hosted by Blaze Ya Dead Homie.

Pre-order now and get your name in the credits!

1. McNastee, Intrinzik, Psyco Sick Asylum, Beast Mode Division & Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Mo Power
2. Insane LOC - I'ma Beast
3. Mr. Grey - There Will be Blood
4. D-Crisis (feat. Mars, Leprikon, & F. Dux) - Madness and Mayhem
5. Psyco Sick Asylum (feat. Hopsin) - Welcome to the Asylum
6. Doze (feat. T.O.N.E-z & Big Z) - Why You Gota Hate
7. Colt Draine - Snap
8. SIK MOB - Wicked West
9. Poizonous Logik - No Competition
10. B-CIDE (feat. Skatterman) - Organized Rhyme
11. C Danger - Ambitionz of a Hustla
12. U.G.A. - Stuck in the Crossroadz
13. Motiv-Hate (feat. Insane LOC) - 2 Brutal
14. Beast Mode Division (feat. Marz) - Wide Awake
15. The Rival - Universal Cosmo
16. Capitol C (feat. Mastamind) - M.I.N.D
17. Skullz & Karma - Fire
18. Morbid Sikosis - Fuckupoffme (Backup)
19. River City Demons - Grimy Shit
20. Chuck E. Lee (feat. Skitzo & Mastamind) - Ride Wit Us
21. I5 Kartel (feat. MC Eiht) - Where I'm From
22. The White Noize (feat. D.B.K.) - Hip-Hop Homicide
23. The Rapping Dead Cypher (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
24. Intrinzik - They're Coming to Take Me Away

name in insert:
Alice Johnson
Austin Barta
Ben Goulet
Brad Saunders
David Amos
Drew Mcham
Frank Mckinney
Frederick Blackwell
Jack Lope
Jake McLin
Jason Schweigert
Kyle Wintersteen
Whisky Friday