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Intrinzik - Fall:Guy Resurre6t7on (Double Disc)


Image of Intrinzik - Fall:Guy Resurre6t7on (Double Disc)

1. The Resurrection
2. Do It Again (feat. Virus)
3. Crack Rock
4. In The Middle (feat. Big B and Jason Porter)
5. Life Fast Die Young (feat. Jason Cruz of Strung Out)
6. I'm God
7. Open Your Eyes
8. Underground Hustlin\' (feat. Virus)
9. Value Life (feat. McNastee)
10. Path of Destruction (feat. Saint Sinna and Daniel Jordan)
11. Fuckin\' wit MySpace (feat. Big Slack and Jason Porter)
12. Sick of You (feat. Virus)
13. Long Way Home (feat. Jared Woosley)
14. Flow is Timeless (w/ Proof, Liqiud Assassin and Axe Murder Boyz)

includes UGH Volume 4 Disc!